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  • Он установил в году рекорд мира по инвестированию, показав феноменальный результат: на срочном рынке трейдер Ларри Вильямс за год превратил 10 тысяч в 1,1 миллиона долларов.
  • Процент R, как и остальные, был разработан для определения областей перекупки и перепродажи на нетрендовых рынках.
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Many researchers of history of technical analysis consider him as the "godfather" of this method in the commodities market. Because of this, Larry Williams is considered as валютные пары на форекс true ancestor larry williams na forex the seasonal trade.

Larry William Strategy

Seasonality of the stock and commodity markets been known for long. Likewise described principle works at Forex market, following the same laws of supply and demand changes.

larry williams na forex

Laws of exist - for example, we all know that the ruble falls in autumn. But there are certain segments in which not only the fundamental and technical analysis, but also taking into account seasonal factors will effectively works in the "plus".

Опубликовано 07 Июнь - Ларри Вильямс: подготовка — главное в трейдинге и беге Трейдер и бегун-марафонец Ларри Вильямс Larry Williams проводит параллели между успешным трейдингом и успешным бегом на марафонскую дистанцию. То же самое и в трейдинге. Надо делать свои сделки одну за другой, — рассказывает Вильямс. Уильямс занялся торговлей акциями в начале х годов. В году, в рамках всемирного месячного турнира трейдеров Robins World Cup Trading Championship, он смог превратить 10 долларов в 1 долларов, — достижение, которое не смог превзойти еще ни один трейдер.

From the point of view of maximizing the impact of seasonal factors on the behavior of the market, the most sensitive is the first month of the calendar year in which many traders still make decisions about larry williams na forex new positions, the development of strategies for the coming year. The increase in January was observed only against the dollar, due to an increase in US currency transactions on stock exchanges.

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It should however be remembered that in January the upward trend of the dollar - not a universal situation for all markets. For example, for Japanese January pattern never really matter, which is associated with the end of their fiscal year in March.

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Seasonal trends can be used in your trading strategy, but they should be used with great caution, as there is a good chance to start to make mistakes.

However, if the analysis confirms the trend of the season - safely follow intuition, knowledge of the principles of seasonality allows to place profitable trades.

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Seasonal fluctuations at the Forex market caused by several main reasons: - fluctuations at commodity markets, which reflects larry williams na forex characteristics of the seasonality of demand, supply of goods and futures; - a significant number of closed transactions at the US stock market in order to optimize taxes, followed by reduction of positions early next year.

Before you take the seasonal patterns for the Larry williams na forex trading, you need to pay attention to what causes creation of a seasonal trend.

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It is necessary for the subsequent determination of the direction of movement of the currency pair. Seasonal trend has a smaller number of factors that can be predicted to determine the turning points, support and resistance levels.

Вот и посмотрим, имеет ли это правило обратное действие и можно ли стать гением, ведя дневник! Чем же он так интересен? Он используется повсеместно большинством биржевых игроков. О том, каким образом я его использую во время дневного трейдинга, я писал вот .

In order to trade on a seasonally you need a suitable tool. And then build a chart of historical quotes: Calculate average price for a period of 5, 10, 15 years.

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Take annual intervals and synchronize oscillations. The benchmark is equal to one hundred, strictly on the beginning of the year, counting changes of quotations at the annual interval was applied in the form of relative deviations.

But remember that the seasonal factor in the currency market is an additional filter, which is a professional trader uses with his strategy and trade tactics.

Ларри Вильямс Larry Williams. Президент, Commodity Timing, Inc Известный трейдер, писатель, редактор информационного бюллетеня и управляющий финансами.

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